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What is ThermiVa?

ThermiVa is non-surgical vaginal tightening and helps with multiple vaginal and labial conditions. The results are immediately visible and the patient testimonials have been amazing. This is not surgery so there is no anesthesia, and no recovery!

How does ThermiVa Radio-Frequency work?

The ThermiVa RF handpiece generates a mild increase in the temperature of loose skin and subcutaneous area below the skin. When this increase in temperature is sustained, collagen regeneration begins, and over a series of 3 treatments, skin and tissue tightening occurs. It can be used to treat treats both the labia and the vaginal canal. ThermiVa does not cut or burn the skin because the heat travels to deeper tissue. Radiofrequency is not new, the recent advances in this technology have occurred in how the temperature is precisely controlled and delivered.

ThermiVa Will Treat:

  1. Vaginal laxity: will tighten stretched inner vaginal muscles.
  2. Labia laxity: treatments will tighten the labia majora (camel toe).
  3. Vaginal Dryness and pain: treatments will promote vaginal moisture. This is important in postmenopausal patients who do not want to or cannot use estrogen replacement.
  4. Mild Incontinence:treatments may lessen urine leakage and the urge to go symptoms.
  5. Problems with Sexual Sensation: treatments may increase sensitivity, cause stronger vaginal contractions, and quicker orgasms.

More details about the ThermiVa Treatments:

◾15-30 minute procedure
◾No Recovery Period
◾Treats labia and vaginal canal
◾Lasers can only treat vaginal laxity but its invasive (discharge will occur)
◾Collagen and nerve regeneration
◾Softer and smoother skin
◾Temperature Controlled by patient comfort level
◾No anesthesia, no sutures, no cutting
◾Single use probe – no risk of infection
◾Very affordable – financing available
◾Helps vaginal dryness – increases moisture
◾Helps reduce urine leakage – stress incontinence
◾Reduction in urge symptoms
◾Improvement vaginal muscle control
◾Increases sensitivity and orgasms
◾Treatments last 9-12 months
◾Maintenance – only once to twice a year if needed

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Non-invasive, non-surgical, and no down time